Jan 30, 2019

2019 Collision Repair Expo - Think Big. Think Further.

In order to stay on the front foot, we have to be ahead of the game.

Within the collision repair industry globally, as it is in Asia Pacific & Australia most of the major players, backed by big suppliers and in some cases, Insurers come forward to you, the collision repairers and consumers. This is and has become very convenient but is also by virtue quite limiting as it reduces your exposure to what can be some eye opening and beneficial tools and equipment to your business.

Think about this. You have your business and your business processes which, let’s assume for a second are relatively set and successful. So what you’re looking for are ways in which you can best utilise your staff, enhance your processes and improve the efficiency of your operations as a whole.

The collision repair industry and repairers by in large are dictated to by a handful of major players who as long as they turn a reasonable profit might not necessarily mind where the industry is heading or if their clients and customers are actually benefiting in best practice or are having their hands forced in one direction or another.

We believe, here at WebTRIM that although the direction the collision repair industry is heading may be fruitful by nature to some and not to others, it is moving! and can be taken advantage of by all provided we adapt. WebTRIM is helping intelligent collision repairers with intelligent, forward-thinking products and is not tied down to any directions except forward as a result of our independence and un-bias. We do not avoid recommending the best due to a conflict of interest and we feel we have the best all-round management product no matter what your focus is on.

Think further. Be it Smart Scheduling - Imagine a software program that can allocate your jobs for you, according to your parameters to get jobs out the door on time and relinquish the hours taken by production managers and endless headaches in scheduling tasks to production staff. This is possible, now! And exclusive to WebTRIM users only.

Imagine a technology that actually sent and received data to all of your programs and systems without limitations. Better yet, imagine working with a company that strived to achieve seamless communication and transfer of data to all industry related systems instead of “you, and you, but not you”

WebTRIM is the only management system that can import quotes from virtually all estimating systems as well as accommodate direct data input, giving you job information immediately from anywhere not just from “our other add on package”

Think big and think further. What you have been wanting to make your business better is likely already possible. WebTRIM is breaking ground in systematic improvement and there’s plenty more to come. Look out for us at the 2019 Collision Repair Expo in Melbourne and share your dreams with us. We’d love to share ours with you!