Dec 21, 2018

How Do You Rank For Customer Service Levels & Google Reviews?

We are quickly heading for the end of 2018 where a shift of importance in certain areas of your business may have you questioning “where do I stack up?”

In a world where technology, especially personal technology is growing faster than anything else, we’ve never had more information in our pockets, on our wrists, even wrapped around our fingers. We can summon virtually anything using our voices or alternatively a quick gesture. So how, in this new world can technology and information be used to boost your business?

Is the increase of relevance for Google reviews as well as the accumulation of power gathered by review sites something to be wary of or something to embrace as a welcome marketing channel for your business?

With such a high proportion of the industry’s workflow coming from work providers, many repairers are feeling angst as their dependency on them grows and job revenue is being reduced.

So questions remain, “Can high customer service standards actually help our industry’s independent repairers create their own job-flow?”

“Will a good Google ranking lead to more work and better job revenue?”

“Will your anxiety connected to losing the business of a major work provider be eased by something so seemingly trivial?”

The short answer is yes.

Fifteen years ago, statistics showed that ninety percent of new businesses would fail within the first year of launch. That number would exponentially reduce as the years go on, to the point in which ninety percent of those remaining would survive as well as turn a profit, provided they made it to year five in operation. In today’s business world this statistic is near irrelevant as the cost of starting up a new business is substantially lower. Overheads are lower in many cases and with far lower overheads success isn’t defined by your doors being opened or closed as the internet never sleeps.

What makes the modern business live and die is its customer experience. Accountability is more important than ever before and your customers have more power than any time throughout history. This means in equal measure, your customer service standard is of more importance than ever before.

Have you got the industry’s best systems to handle how you service those you do business with? Are you and all of your staff trained to a minimum, modern satisfactory level for objection handling, relationship building & referral business growth?

WebTRIM is equipped to better your business, your staff and your overall customer service experience. Through training webinars run free and regularly for you & your staff. Having the technology to automate more processes throughout each facet of your business from job cards imported from your final quote to automated reports summoned immediately. Payroll for staff, productive as well as non-productive, with or without bonuses in place, and invoicing to your accounting systems with no data entry at all!

What is the investment you’re making for your business into the new year?

Whether WebTRIM is the answer for you or not - and of course, we’ll try to convince you it is. You should be asking yourself “How has the industry changed and am I adapting to lead in it?”

Give us your feedback. Write to us and let us know what your priorities are in the industry and for your business. Let’s keep this discussion going.