Dec 03, 2019

Photo Sync - Available now

If you’re using PPG Business Manager for quoting and job estimates, you have access to their built-in photos app. This app connects any images pertaining to the job or quote number and stores them in Business Manager.

As you’re probably already aware, WebTRIM imports job data from the estimating package into its Job Management file within WebTRIM under the job number.

To save time and avoid double handling, these images can now be imported along with all other job data upon job import. The images are viewable from the jobs console and are filed according to job number as in Business Manager. Best of all, It’s available now, free!

Everyone is unique, it’s what makes us different and interesting, and distinguishes us from one another. WebTRIM accommodates numbers people as well as the visually-minded, including clear, visually descript buttons on WebTRIM touch making it of the easiest to use time recording apps available today. Photo Sync is how we’re simplifying the vehicle repair management process.

If you’re looking at this, thinking you’re already spread thin and that Photo Sync is another unnecessary step in the process, consider this.

Most insurers are now preferring to send their work to sites that can provide sustainable processes for the filing of images of damage & repairs. To do this manually poses a logistical nightmare for most small businesses and can either require an extra set of hands to manage effectively or require your staff to spend less time on the tools or more time in administration.

If this sounds like you, be assured, Photo Sync requires zero input or effort from you or your team, as it is, like all WebTRIM job data, synced automatically from the images taken and filed within Business Manager. They are then assigned to the job number in WebTRIM for your records, reporting and perusal when required.

WebTRIM is working to make the operation of small businesses more efficient so you can spend less time working in the business and more working on it. To find out more about this free feature and to have Photo Sync turned on for PPG Business Manager customers, contact WebTRIM support now.